Sarnrak Good Kids Great Hearts
Happy family does not necessarily require everyone’s presence. All they need is great heart.
AIS sharing stories of children closely tied to their families despite hardships
AIS looks for underprivileged children who demonstrate love and close tie to their families. Having profound gratefulness to their parents or surrogate parents, these children are willing to work hard to help their families earn money. More importantly, they carry on schooling hoping that education will lead them to a better future. Children who meet all AIS requirements will be entitled to receiving AIS scholarship until they complete a Bachelor’s Degree program, plus financial assistance for their families.
Sarnrak Good Kids Great Hearts program was initiated in 2000 and has been ongoing for 17 years. More than 740 children and teenagers have been receiving scholarship from AIS, and 160 of which have graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. AIS funding for this program exceeds 37 million baht (1.13 million US dollars).
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