Sarocha Intasai (Bew)
Episode Little Chef
Age 9 Years
Currently studying grade 4, Samraan Wittaya School, Pra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakarn Province
Personal Information
Bew’s parents were separated. They brought Bew to live with her grandparents since she was three. The grandparents live in a small house located in a small piece of land owned by a Buddhist temple. They have to pay rent at 1,000 baht every year. Family members include fifty three-year-old grandfather, fifty-year-old grandmother, seventy seven-year-old great grandmother, two stepbrothers at four and two years old, and Bew. Bew’s mother was sentenced to jail for illegal drug use, so she left her three children with grandparents. Bew’s grandfather works in a factory and is labor for hire. Grandmother is a maid working at Wat Bang Nam Pueng School. During weekends through support from Aunt Reang, owner of a made-to-order restaurant, grandmother is allowed to sell curry with rice noodle, papaya salad and fried chicken at Aunt Reang’s restaurant located at Bang Nam Pueng market. Every weekend, Bew asks grandmother to come and help selling food. Bew learns how to make fried chicken and serve curry over rice noodle to customers at the market. In addition, Bew helps Aunt Reang serve Thai desserts, earning an allowance of 50-100 baht per day. All these times, she has to babysit her stepbrothers too. At nine years old, Bew knows that her grandparents work hard to make enough money for her and her stepbrothers. That is why she offers to help grandmother at the restaurant to lessen her workload and earn allowance to help pay for family’s expenses. “We live in a house that most people think it’s small, but I think it’s big and warm. Grandpa and grandma work hard to feed everyone. If my brothers don’t have money, I’ll give some of my allowance to them.” “I first came to help grandma sell food when I was three. My first sale was namprik (chili paste). Nowadays, grandma lets me help her sell curry with rice noodle and fried chicken too.” “If I play, I will not earn any money. So I would rather work.”
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