Sarnrak Promoting Family Bonding
AIS initiates a family project to promote love and understanding within families bearing tag line “Sarnrak: Promoting Family Bonding,” which has been ongoing for 18 years. AIS believes that “family” is the keystone to achieving decent society. If Thai families become strong, the whole country will be strong too.
In 1999, AIS introduced Sarnrak Program to demonstrate company’s policy in corporate social responsibility. Since ancient times, family has been a strong trait for Thailand and the first social institution to cultivate every child to become decent adults. In recent years, family relationships in Thailand have been weakening. More families are disconnected and less caring due to changes in lifestyle as a result of economic impact. As global and domestic competition affects Thailand workforce more fiercely, workers including husbands and wives have to work longer hours. Consequently, many couples have less time for each other and much less for their children. Family tension builds up, facing lack of understanding and eventually leading to family break-up. If Thai families become vulnerable, the country is at risk of social problems abound.
Concerned about the negative impacts, AIS launches Sarnrak program as a platform to help raise awareness of family importance and urge everyone to take part in restoring love and understanding through these family activities:
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